To be the world’s leading Community in the development of the performance of youth football players.


Create a platform to gather and synergize the know-how of worldwide expertise to offer recommendations for the management and modern training methodology of youth football players to enhance their psycho-physical performance.

Aspire in the World Fellows is a programme launched by Aspire Academy in 2014 with the goal to embrace, gather and lead the best practitioners in order to consolidate and develop the knowledge pool in the world of football performance. The activity leans on the cornerstone of the Aspire Academy Global Summit and the Fellows Gatherings.

The Fellows web-based platform serves the purpose of fostering ongoing debate and discussion amongst Aspire Fellows. The platform also enables the Fellows to share content on their own Club/National Team training methodologies, application of technology, research and other relevant sources of information.

Through this tool, the Community is able to continue working throughout the year on defined topics.

The topic activities are based upon further in-depth discussion around the topics presented during the last edition of the Aspire Academy Global Summit.

Using the conclusions reached during the Aspire Academy Global Summit as a basis, each topic will be further analysed for a period of 75 days through the following activities:

  • Finding relevant information material (performed by all the Fellows)
    The first 10 days of activity will be dedicated to a review of the latest scientific research, interviews, websites and other available material relevant to the topic.
  • Literature and material review (performed by the Aspire Academy group)
    During this stage the staff of Aspire Academy will review the material gathered above in order to produce a document covering the most important insights and concepts on the topic.
  • Fellows Training
    A recognized international expert will deliver lectures to all Aspire Fellows covering their personal views, knowledge and experience on a specific subject.
  • Aspire Fellows presentations (performed by 12 Clubs/Federations per topic)
    Each of the clubs directly involved in the topic will prepare a PowerPoint presentation covering their club’s philosophy, methodology and activity.
  • Conclusions (performed by the Aspire Academy group)
    The final stage will be a concluding presentation performed by the topic moderator.

Topic Timeline

  • 1
    15 Nov - 31 Jan
    Training Plan Strategies for Youth Development
  • 2
    01 Feb - 15 Apr
    Match and Training Recovery
  • 3
    16 Apr - 30 Jun
    Applied Methodology on the Integration of Technical/Tactical and Physical Training
  • 4
    01 Jul - 15 Sep
    Soft Tissues Injury Prevention
Valter Di Salvo

Prof. Valter Di Salvo

Executive Director

Valter Di Salvo is currently Director of Football Performance & Science with the Aspire Academy and Qatar Football Association. Since 2002 he has been Full Professor at the University of Rome “Foro Italico”. Prof. Di Salvo was awarded a PhD in Sports Science in 2001 from the University of Lisbon, titled, ‘Training of Elite Football Players According to their Position Roles.’

Valter Di Salvo

Daniele Bonanno

Content Coordinator

Daniele is currently Head of Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Football Performance m& Science Department at the Aspire Academy in Qatar. He held the Master Degree in Sport Science in 2000, and is a certified professional fitness coach for football by the FIGC, the Italian Football Federation.